We want to accomplish something meaningful with people we love.

We started Stranded because we identified a need - the personal care industry needs to raise its baseline standards for the products it offers.

Here's our plan to address this need.

First, we will start with creating products that use the highest standards by

  • using high quality ingredients
  • customizing each formula for efficacy
  • using only toxin-free ingredients
  • designing functional and beautiful packaging

Then, we'll deliver this product to the world by scaling our business on the principles of loving our business neighbors and creating value for each of them

  • our customers
  • our employees
  • our suppliers
  • our local communities
  • the environment
  • and broader society


intentionally created

earth considered

immunity focused

reforming your

relationship with yourself

and your planet

striving to create personal care products that appeal to the senses by delivering unique toxin-free formulas in sustainable packaging

intentionally created

every component of our products, from our ingredients to our packaging, has been intentionally created with immunity, efficiency, and sustainability in mind

earth considered

we aim to prioritize environmental stewardship by utilizing eco-friendly, sustainable, post-consumer, and biodegradable materials when available

immunity focused

our products are formulated to be free of toxins, chemicals, additives, fillers, manufactured fragrances, and other ingredients that may compromise long-term health