Tips & Tricks

Tip #1

DID YOU KNOW THAT DRY SHAMPOO WORKS BEST WHEN APPLIED BEFORE BED? You can be a little more liberal with your application and overnight, the powder will work to absorb oils.

Tip #2

IF YOU ARE IN A TIME CRUNCH IN THE MORNING...Throw your hair into a high bun and sprinkle the powder around your hair line. Gently pat the powder into your hair and voila! Oil-free in the places that matter!

Tip #3

FOR THOROUGH COVERAGE AND ULTIMATE OIL DESTRUCTION...Tilt your head to one side and start by parting a section of hair near your ear. Sprinkle some powder around the part, blend it in, then move an inch or so over and repeat this process across your whole head until you reach the other ear.

Tip #4

FOR THE MOST SEAMLESS BLENDING...Apply powder around the parted section of hair, but not directly over the part.