About Stranded

We have been curating this little beauty for the last 3 years and we are so excited to finally be sharing her with the world!


Stranded is a dry shampoo in the form of a loose powder.  Filling the void between those who can and those who cannot feasibly use a traditional dry shampoo, Stranded lends itself to all hair colors - blondes, brunettes, and redheads—all while leaving locks freshly perfumed and viable for another day without washing. Stranded knows its consumers well and understands their beautiful diversity.


We are both blondes (a little natural, a little not) who, for many years, have used baby powder a few times a week to combat oily roots and avoid daily washes. We started realizing that many of our brunette or redhead friends complained that they couldn't use the same baby powder trick, as it would leave their hair looking gray and dull rather than refreshed. 

From there, the idea was born to create a powder suitable for each hair color that carried with it a pleasant scent. We turned our apartment kitchen into a lab and got to work researching different agents that would absorb oils but would also be healthy for the scalp. Once we solidified a suitable formula for the powder, we contacted the fragrance experts in New York to create a fragrance for us to bring the powder to life!  We used a few of our friends as guinea pigs and were so pleased to realize that our idea worked!  After months of more research and fine-tuning, here we are today!